Corporate Compliance

We are committed to the highest of standards in our business operations and conduct and uphold these standards in our everyday activities. To ensure our standards are understood and met we developed and provided all employees with a written policy, procedures and standards manual. The program includes training and education, effective communication, enforcing standards through disciplinary guidelines while conducting consistent monitoring and auditing.

Employees and residents’ family members are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the Administrator of the care center.

Concerns related to state and/or federal laws should be reported right away to either the Facility Administrator or Corporate Compliance Officer. To report a concern anonymously, please complete the simple form below. A facility code is REQUIRED to complete the form. All codes are posted near the entrance in each of our communities.

All concerns submitted anonymously are collected by a third-party vendor to ensure confidentiality. Concerns are reported to the Corporate Compliance Office for review and appropriate action.

The anonymous phone line listed below is intended to be used by both employees and families for the sole purpose of providing confidential positive/negative information comments, suggestions, or feedback on daily operations of this facility.  When you call the number, you will receive an answering machine to leave a confidential message that will be forwarded to the appropriate contact person.  You must leave the facility code in your message:

Compliance Website


COMPLIANCE HOTLINE: 1-855-402-6116