Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Who do I contact if I have a concern about my care with your facility?

Answer: We are committed to the highest of standards in our business operations and conduct and uphold these standards in our everyday activities. To ensure our standards are understood and met we developed and provided all employees with a written policy, procedures and standards manual. The program includes training and education, effective communication, enforcing standards through disciplinary guidelines while conducting consistent monitoring and auditing.

Employees and residents’ family members are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the Administrator of the care center.

Concerns related to state and/or federal laws should be reported right away to either the Facility Administrator or Corporate Compliance Officer. To report a concern anonymously, please complete the simple form below. A facility code is REQUIRED to complete the form. All codes are posted near the entrance in each of our communities.

All concerns submitted anonymously are collected by a third-party vendor to ensure confidentiality. Concerns are reported to the Corporate Compliance Office for review and appropriate action.

If you have questions regard our Compliance Program, please contact Dawn Rodish, Corporate Compliance Officer, at or call 515.223.0173.

Question: What documentation will I need to provide if I choose to move to your care center?

Answer: We will need the following: Copy of your most recent physical, documentation of your tuberculosis screening – to be administered 48 hours before admission, Medicare card, Medical Supplemental Card, Pharmacy Card – if you are part of a prescription program, Medicare Part D, Social Security Card and documentation if you are Medicaid eligible. Additionally a copy of your Durable Power of Attorney for medical decisions, the Financial General Power of Attorney and Living Will, if applicable.

Question: What is considered skilled nursing care?

Answer: Skilled nursing care involved trained professionals performing services that are needed temporarily due to an injury, illness or surgery that required extensive therapy treatment.

Question: Does Medicare cover skilled nursing care?

Answer: Yes, Medicare will pay for a limited period of time. In order to qualify, a resident must have been hospitalized for at least THREE nights prior to admission.

Question: What is intermediate care?

Answer: Intermediate care is provided by skilled professionals such as a registered or licensed practical nurse, and/or therapist, under the supervision of a physician. Services provided may include assistance with dressing, bathing, feeding, continence care, ambulation and administration of medications.

Question: Does Medicare cover the cost of intermediate care?

Answer: Medicare Part A does not cover intermediate care in nursing homes. Pay for intermediate care typically comes from either the resident, long-term care insurance. Medicaid will pay for these services if you have depleted your financial resources.

Question: What is an ADL?

Answer: Activities of Daily Living or ADLs are considered bathing, dressing, ambulating, grooming and eating.

Question: Can I have a TV in my room?

Answer: Yes, you may bring a television set. If you desire to have cable, we can provide that to you for a nominal fee of $10.00 a month

Question: Can I bring the prescription bottles of medication I have at home?

Answer: No, except for residents receiving VA medications, all other medications will be supplied by us and administered using the unit dose system, keeping the process orderly and controlled. Additionally no over the counter medications – Tylenol, cough medicine, vitamin pills, etc. can be brought into the care center. We may get these, but they must be under a doctor’s order, properly labeled and administered by our staff in most cases

Question: What furnishings should I bring from home?

Answer: Your room comes with a bed, nightstand and dresser. However, we encourage you to make the room as personal as you want by bringing in a favorite chair and family pictures. In order to ensure safety, we ask that you do not bring throw rugs, door stops, extension cords, large oscillating fans, heating pads or living evergreen arrangements. Also, no aerosol cans or sharp objects are allowed.

Question: Will I have a phone in my room?

Answer: No. For short-term stays, we recommend a cell phone

Question: Do you do a criminal background screen for all of your caregivers?

Answer: Yes. In fact we perform a background check on all of our team members before they are offered a position with us.

Question: Do you accept long-term care insurance?

Answer: Yes. Many of our residents have long-term care insurance. We work closely with all parties involved to provide the proper paperwork and information required for reimbursement.

Question: Are worship services provided?

Answer: Local churches rotate presenting services on Saturdays and Rosary is Wednesdays

Question: Are there set hours that my loved ones can visit me?

Answer: Suggested hours are 9AM to 9PM, however, family and friends are welcome any time

Question: When are nurses around?

Answer: We have a registered or licensed practical nurse and certified nursing assistants on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Question: Is there someone that can help me with understanding all of the policies as well as state and federal requirements?

Answer: Yes, our social services can provide psycho-social, spiritual and emotional support to you and your family members through this transitional time. They are available to help you understand the admission process, ensure that all documents are completed and fully understand your wishes.

Question: Are there other resources I can access?

Answer: Yes, there are many resources on senior living available. Click here for a few we have found to be helpful. (LINK to our HP Resources link

At Hawkeye Care Centers our goal is to provide comfort, dignity and quality of life for all of our residents. This is why we are constructing a new, state-of-the-art facility opening in the Fall of 2018:

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