Howard Fay

Howard Fay is 97 years old. He’s been married twice. He and his first wife had three kids together. She passed away after only being married a few short years. He met his second wife by buying a wooden silo from her. After he bought the silo, he sent her a letter and she responded. They had 58 years of wedded bliss together. Howard has many grandkids, great-grandkids and great-great grandkids. Too many to keep track of, he said.

Howard said he was making 35 cents per hour at his first job. He often rode his bicycle to and from work because he couldn’t afford gas for the car.

He has bought and sold several farms, having farmed for 25 to 30 years.

He is a collector of all sorts of antiques, but tractors are his passion. His favorite tractor was a 1930 Oliver Hart Parr. He has participated in many parades over the years with his tractors.

Howard has a shop where he keeps all his collectibles. He goes there on a daily basis to tinker with them. He loves turning trash into treasure, calling himself a “wheeler and dealer.” He still buys and sells things on a weekly basis.

Howard said, “Having a positive attitude is what keeps me going and keeps me young.”